Virginia Surrogacy Law Overview

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Virginia  - "Old Dominion"
  1. Does CSP accept Surrogate Mothers who reside in this state?
     - Yes.

  2. Does CSP accept Intended Parents who reside in this state?
     - Yes.

  3. Is it legal for Intended Parents who are residents in this state to participate in surrogacy?
     - Yes.   

  4. Has CSP helped Intended Parents who reside in this state finalize their parental rights?
     - Yes.   

  5. If a surrogate mother delivers in this state, can the Intended Parents have their names on their child's birth certificate?
     - Yes.  Both Intended Parents’ names are placed on the birth certificate within 45 days after the birth. 

  6. Can a same-sex couple legally do surrogacy?
     - Yes.  Only if IPs are married   

Counselors for this state:

  • Barbara Cohen, LCSW-C
  • Hilary Hanafin, Ph.D.

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